Basic Forest - Sidescroller Tileset Overhaul

Hey everyone, this right here was the first tileset for a market place I've ever worked on. Last year I decided to start reworking on my old tilesets. This one was the first, I just fixed some colors and some sprites. I spent around a month on and off trying to improve this. Granted, there wasn't any major overhaul in textures, because I thought they still worked and kind of liked what I had there.

So I go on with working on other stuff and reworking a few other tilesets, but when I looked back at this one there was something still that just wasn't quite working. A few months pass, and I decided to actually let go of some stuff and completely redo them. 

So after another month of adding tiles, changing textures and etc. Here I am finally happy to close this book with this final version. 

Get Pixel Art - Forest Side-Scroller Tileset

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