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I love this too. Do you have plan to make other "old JRPGs" tileset?

I love this, do you work for hire ? I need some specific work done :)

Yes I do commissioned work :D

ooo, okay! I will very likely take you up on something relatively soon. What would be the best way to contact you ? You can email me at :)

I love this so much ^-^

Why not include  character sprites, or create a new project about the  character sprites?

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I enjoy working mostly on environmental art, that's why I only made the tileset. The character sprites you see in the screenshots only have that single frame done, which is why I didn't include them in.

Tha being said, I might actually do a pack for a few sprites in the near future :)

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Its a good set, a little light for $10.

Feel free to add any future updates I would love an update to this.

Thank you for your feedback! At the moment I'm currently working on updating my other platformers tilesets, but I may go back to this in the future :D