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I did a mockup of some sort of treasure room or something like that and decided to make a simple tileset out of it.

It’s free, so use it as you wish :)


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MiniTileset-Dungeon.zip 15 kB


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on a certain part of the tile set when slicing into 32x32 (maybe outdated) a part of the platform is apart of the stairs when sliced, is there anyway to fix this?

Can I use it on my steam project? I'll give you the credits and stuff ...

Great Work!

I have downloaded the zip, but I can't find tiles of stairway such as preview showing. Would you like to distribute them?

You were right,  I completely forgot about it. There should be one in there now!

Thanks a lot. Great work have been greater

¿Hola, como te nombro en los creditos encaso de usarlo para un juego?

Can I use this in a commercial game?



what size do i need to cut it in ? :O 

Ohh, I  completely    forgot to mention that, didn't I? 

The tile size is 32x32p 

I really like the staircase. Simple but it works!

Thank you! 

Great job, exacltly what i was looking for *-*.

Thank you very much, I hope you have fun with it :D

also can u help me make a tileset and some npcs

can we use it for our game and sell our game

You absolutely can!

As for your second question, unfortunally right now I'm not available for any commissioned work.